To fire up the already infuriated masses

“We are here to defend the living world that others have not defended. We are here to support the life support systems that defend us. 33 years I have waited and 33 years it has not happened”, roared George Monbiot.

The following is a speech held by journalist George Monbiot at the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ and their ‘Declaration of Rebellion’, Wednesday, October 31, 2018. He spoke for 5 minutes in front of the masses that had gathered in London’s Parliament Square. Will this help speed up climate action? You be the judge.

George Monbiot speaks at October 31, 2018 in London’s Parliament Square.

Every single year I’ve heard people say “Well the government hasn’t done enough, but it’s a good start”. Every year has been a good start, every year has been a beginning, but never a middle or an end to this story. And why not? Why?

When so many people are so desperate to see action it is because, though we claim to live in a democracy in, many respects it resembles a plutocracy.

That where votes should count, money counts instead.
That where the voice of the people should be heard, the money of the city and the fossil fuel industry and the farming lobby and the fishing industry and the auto manufacturers and the airlines lobby counts instead.
We are not heard because they are heard. We are excluded because they are included.

The will of the people is not done. Parliament will not do this for us. 
33 years I have waited and 33 years it has not happened.
Corporations will not do this for us and I’m sorry to say that the big NGOs will not do this for us either.

Where we need mass action, where we need radicalism, instead from them we’ve seen half measures. Well this my friends is where the full measures begin.

We are here to defend the living world that others have not defended.
We are here to support the life support systems that defend us.

We are here to keep fossil fuels in the ground,
to get the mass livestock industry off the land, to stop the ripping apart of the oceans by super trawlers and other forms of destruction pushed by profit.

Let’s shutdown airport space to get a sensible transport policy that put people and planet fist and fossil fuel last. Above all to dethrone economic growth as the objective of government. To replace it by the only thing that counts, which is the well-being of all the species on Earth. Ourselves and the other glorious creatures with which we share this wonderful planet, the only planet known to support life, though the intelligent bit is yet to be demonstrated.

We want not just to protect what we already have, but to restore what we have lost. To bring the trees back to the barren hills and let the rivers run freely once more. To allow the seas to surge with whales and dolphins again. To see the great profusion and wonders of life that our ancestors knew and our great-grandchildren could know again.

We are here my friends for the once and future planet, no one else will deliver it for us. No one is left but us. When do the Extinction Rebellion begin?
[crowd] Now!
Where do the Extinction Rebellion begin?
[crowd] Here!
With whom do the Extinction Rebellion begin?
[crowd] Us!

We have waited long enough, we are waiting no longer!
The only time that people merit serious is when people are prepared to sacrifice their liberty in defence of their beliefs. 
We are those people.
We put our hands up in defence of mother earth!
We put our hands up in defence of humanity!
We put our hands up against extinction and for life!
Thank you!

Demonstrators at London’s Parliament Square, October 31 2018. Photography: Chloé Farand

The text above reflects the opinion of Mr Monbiot himself. The solutions to the climate crisis will differ depending on personal perspectives and ethics.
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George Monbiot. Photography/Original source: The Guardian

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