A Good Samaritan

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Remington Write
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Photo Credit — Remington Write / Right there in the subway station

He was definitely a person who got loads of personal space when he plopped down his two bags of belongings and claimed a seat on the 2 train at 14th Street. From our vantage point, about halfway down the car, there was no immediate experience of unpleasant smells, but they can creep up on you, so judgment was reserved.

As the doors opened at each stop, there was the expected balancing of wanting to get a seat versus not risking bad odors or worse. The fact that he was muttering to himself convinced most to keep their distance.

Photo Credit / Remington Write / Rules? More like often ignored suggestions

It’s hard to say whether there’s been an actual increase in the number of distressed, unsheltered people riding the subways (although the hysterical editorial writers at The New York Post would have it so). I moved to the city in 2000, and there have always been sad, broken people on the trains and in the stations. A real first for me, however, was getting off a 1 train at 23rd Street about six months ago to find a skinny young person of indeterminate gender shooting up within sight of what had once been the booth where an actual person sat and sold Metrocards. The booth and the seller of Metrocards are long gone.