After Two Years Without Snow

The city goes bonkers and takes a snow day

Remington Write
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Photo Credit — Remington Write / Modern day Bruegel winterscape — every kid in Manhattan goes sledding for the first time in two years

There’s this thing I used to wonder at the start of every winter: Will this be the year I fall on the ice and break my butt? I haven’t had to wonder that for a couple of years now because our unfolding global climate catastrophe has all but eliminated snow and ice from this part of the world.

There used to be respectable winters here in New York City, even if nothing here ever remotely approached those legendary monster storms along Lake Erie. There was the nor’easter in ’07 (I think) that dumped about three feet of snow overnight here, and when I went out to walk in Central Park, I discovered that someone had already gone through and shoveled all the paths….in the North Woods!

Photo Credit — Remington Write / No need to shovel this

As noted, however, I no longer worry about slipping on the ice and snow in New York, as we seldom have any. Right now, this minute, we have the most snow we’ve seen in two years and it is not very impressive. Yes, the snow is pretty, but there’s so little that the sledding hills are already worn down to dirt.

True, the second bit of snow we just got didn’t seem to set off the level of alarms that last week’s…