Pigeons are Innocent Birds and should be Respected

People Complain, and I am just plain

Ihave to leave my present location again in the coming days due to my lovely bad habits.

So, I left everything during covid and relocated to a new place in India, and birds, especially sparrows, and pigeons welcomed me gracefully.

Photo by Akram Huseyn on Unsplash

From then, feeding birds became my spiritual habit. I used to do one thing,

Wake up and feed them after my daily rituals, but it seems people have problems with it.

Someone took my photo and sent it to the manager of my society not once, not twice but three frames that I threw bird food from my balcony.

And I happily agreed because I fed them and told her I’d remove my bird feeder from my window.

Congratulations first of all to me; I committed a crime to feed them food.

Now, please, someone doesn’t search the list of diseases spread by pigeons on google because if you search for humans —

You know they are carriers of emotional and traumatic disorders and many other dangerous illnesses.

Better to stay away from them!

I was looking for paradise here, but my lovely bad habits again left me with no option have to pack my bags again,

The seeds either go down to the ground floor from the top or stay on the top. I used to avoid feeding them on the ground; street dogs kill them.

But I don’t understand what is wrong with feeding them from the top of the balcony when you can throw a piece of chapati and plastic crap on the roads. I know it’s wrong, but I am comparing it with other leftovers people throw from the balcony where I live.

Many birds die here due to illness, or someone kills them(street dogs).

Not a week goes by when I don’t see dead birds. Sometimes I need to throw them in the trash, and people give me weird looks. I feel pity for the humans anyway; We have seen humanity losing in COVID, so this one should be a walk-in park for me, but I felt terrible this time.

Photo by Dan Lazar on Unsplash

I don’t know why —

Pigeons are hated so much and known as disease carriers — no clear scientific explanation for the above point.

Who knows, people have been fed wrong info about them?

I haven’t seen anyone catching some dangerous diseases from pigeons; anyway, I have seen disease transmission from humans.

We have been spread lies from the pest control industry, definitely where money has to be made lies come up in the picture. They will make you believe anything from their fake narratives to their money-making stories; they have scared so much to the people and society managers that pigeons are led to die here.

If, by mistake, you have been given authority to decide what is best for you to Google(it only consists of so much hate for them), then sorry, my friends, no one can make you believe what is true in reality?

“And then nobody can unwind your brain, nobody only you yourself.

I give a shoutout to all those reading stories if by chance, you get any chance to read my story, I know this one doesn’t have how many dollars I made by this hustle?

What have you done if you see pigeon coming to your balcony to eat regularly?

Would you deny them giving food???

No option for me

I need to pack bags because I can’t ignore them, because it is impossible to resist…

Their real problem is their excrement; it is a valid issue, and it can only be addressed by cleaning it not killing them.

Else they will gonna destroy your fancy cars and faces, now just don’t cry like baby.

Other could be property damage; getting rid of them is one thing, but again killing someone is not an option. Proper steps must be taken at that time to get rid of them.

Also, feeding them from the balcony troubles your neighbors because big birds create noises; some of them eat in excitement and make disturbing noises that can irritate human beings.

But that is still better than the hooligans from the news studio.

Now you tell me, What should I do?

They sit around or near my balcony the whole day. Whenever I open my window, they surround me. It’s like our complete street, and we feel top of the mountains.

Believe me, friends, birds, and other animals have harrowing lives, yes tough from our adult lives. Imagine eating food from the streets, and you don’t have hands to pick it up; you have to pick food from the ground.

This is not meant to give emotional attachment to this story; this is their reality.

I have caught many pigeons with bits of thread and hairs wrapped around their toes. This leads to so much pain and distress for the birds. I have seen birds who have lost their toes due to thread entanglements because it eventually cuts supplies from their foot and falls off.

Life is not easy as it seems; we often see them playing in the sky; as they say, the grass always looks greener on another side.

Birds don’t have whom they can trust; they don’t trust us because we have done much damage to them. First, we take away their homes, and then we make laws and hefty fines on feeding them, and when they become extinct from cities, we complain that early morning sings no more.

We should get lost in our devices and snooze our minds with the deadly alarms for the early morning calls.

Photo by Didssph on Unsplash

7 Positive Lessons I learned after feeding them for more than one year —

1] Pigeons are sensitive birds

I love pigeons and sparrows over the moon. Not a day goes when I am not viewing them. Anyways, either the bird finds me, or I see them. No matter if I am taking showers, their sounds will still be able to hit me in my unattentive ears if my brain is still running with some other noises.
They are very sensitive, like other animals. Even a tiny voice from indoors scares them, and they don’t take a second to fly away from there.

2] Some of them fight a lot

They fight with their wings, and a few tend to territory base. I have seen one pigeon who is sitting on my balcony the whole day, and he acts like a boss of that area. If he sees more pigeons here eating aggressively, he limits them.

3] Innocent creatures

Although a lot of friendly banter happens, they are very innocent birds. Trying to have eye contact with them will show you the meaning of patience in life. When I am feeding them, some of them step on my hand and eat with so much fun that I get lost with them.

4] Pigeons never start eating on the go

Pigeons never start eating right away. First of all, they see who is going to eat first. Then, the rest other pigeons accompany that pigeon right away. Where I live, more than 50 to 100 pigeons visit me daily, and I love playing with them; sometimes, my Alexa is singing songs, or else wise, I am singing in my singsong tingling voice.

A moment that I cherish in a complete day.

And they have many good eating habits, one of which I love the most is they don’t eat after sunset.

5] Pigeons don’t trust humans so easily

Even after feeding them for so long, some of them eat very cautiously since birds don’t trust humans, and also, they have taught me the lesson not to trust anyone so easily.

6] Round Round Celebrations

Some of them start moving round in circles in celebrations. Still, I am unsure somewhat whether they are showing their joyful state or showing that I am the boss here; the rest of you leave from here.

7] Security and Guards

Birds and pigeons follow sacred geometrical symbols to fly. They eat on rotational shifts. Some eat, some watch out for danger, and if they see any threat, they waste no time in emergency take-offs. And they have very good brain coordination.

After watching and feeding them for so long.

Wait for me to bring you back home!!

I was looking to purchase a new flat here, but not anymore.

Maybe someday I’ll buy land to welcome my birds peacefully because of that beautiful conversation with the birds I only know. It is the only thing that makes me feel alive. And I will keep that conversation in the photographs of my memory.

Note: The entry of human beings will be prohibited strictly.

Because those blinking eyes are so lovely
When I was lonely,
They took care of me
And now you know me!!

Pay attention, Pay attention. Don’t repeat the same mistake that you all made during COVID.

Hate me for this story but don’t hate animals. They have a bigger responsibility than all of us!!

Thank You!



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