Pen and ink sketch of Anubis by Louise Peacock

This Is Our Rescue Story.

It was a cold, snowy night and we were on our way to have dinner with my in-laws. My mother-in-law had asked us to stop at a nearby plaza and pick something up for her.

As we returned to our car, I heard pitiful mewing coming from somewhere quite close. Naturally, I insisted on trying to locate the source. I began to call out hoping to generate more mews. Sure enough, the mewing redoubled and I was able to find the source.

The sound was coming from under a nearby parked car, and, was coming from one of the wheel wells. I kept on calling, and as I bent down, a little black cat face with pointy ears appeared, followed by two little paws gripping the top of the tire.

A small, black cat face with pointy ears. Pen and ink sketch by Louise Peacock.

Tentatively I reached out my hands, and to my great surprise, the little cat quickly crawled onto my hands and clung to me as if its life depended on being there. Not surprisingly, oil from the car had gotten on to its fur and a sad and bedraggled look is what we saw.

We couldn’t leave the poor little thing out there on such an awful night, and it didn’t look as though it had had much care up until then, so we bundled it up in a sweater. I waited in the car while Bruce went back to the store to buy a can of cat food. We headed off to the in-laws with an oily cat in tow.

An old towel was produced and we cleaned our feline guest up as much as possible. We opened the can of cat food and offered it to him. He was clearly starving and wolfed it down in no time. Then, sitting on an old blanket, he gave himself a cleanup and settled in for a snooze.

We decided that the next day we would head to the closest Humane Society and give them the cat. We already had another cat, Shiat-su, as well as our dog Tasha. Clearly, we could not possibly take on another animal.

We decided to take the little cat to our vet first. She verified that it was a he, that he was most likely about 7 or 8 months old, and had been a stray for a while. He was seriously underweight, but surprisingly, no health issues.

Anubis several months after we found him. Photo by Louise Peaock.

Procrastination is always present with us, and several days went by and we still had not taken the little stray to the Humane Society.

After a week, it became clear that we had a new member of the family. No one felt inclined to take him to the Humane Society, and the other two animals seemed okay with his presence.

Tasha and Anubis. Photo by Louise Peacock

Because of the gaunt look of him, we called him Anubis. We felt that he looked somewhat similar to some of the depictions of Anubis, the Egyptian Jackal God. (There were lots of images, but this one Anubis image was the easiest for me to copy in a sketch. This next one reminded me of how Anubis would sometimes lie, Anubis art 300 × 252)

Pen and ink sketch by Louise Peaock of artwork showing Anubis the Jackal God.

Tiny and skinny as Anubis was when he first came to us (so tiny in fact that he fitted onto the palm of my hand), it did not take him too long to fill out. As he got bigger, it also became clear that he wanted to be the dominant cat in the house and began to hassle Shiat-su who would swat him in the head with no effect.

However, Anubis and our dog Tasha became friends and would play together and even share scraps together. Anubis was all about food. He never forgot his humble start in life and was ready to eat anything in sight.

Anubis and Tasha share a spoon. Photo by Louise Peacock

Anubis continued to get bigger and bigger until he could lie on the stairs and easily filled the step he was on. I couldn’t find a picture of this, but here is one with me holding him at full length. He sure came a long way from that tiny starved kitten we found!

Anubis was with us for almost 16 years, until kidney issues got to him and we had to put him to sleep.

Note: Sorry about the poor quality photos, these were the best I had.




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Louise Peacock

Louise Peacock is a writer, garden designer, Reiki practitioner, singer-songwriter & animal activist. Favorite insult “Eat cake & choke” On Medium since 2016.

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