Christmas Night is Coming

Pause and Celebrate

Christmas Night is coming In some days. Christmas Night, You heard it right. And you have to unite. Every time you close your eyes. There is paradise.

Author’s video of few facts about Christmas

Life goes on and so heavy, You have to surrender in front of the universe. To heal all the sufferings, And to reunite here all. Among the chaos created by narcissistic ruling people. Winters are falling. Dark days with brighter nights
Illusion another illusion.

The sound of those carols
My Christmas night,
I thought I was just out of reach
Finding myself
between the spaces
of mind and body

And I have heard we can feel something
where mind and body meet
Emotions they are ~

Christmas Night, I remember, how we used to sing carols. Standing in the corner and singing and participating in school days. There could be no better reason.

I also remember going to churches and lighting a candle and having a piece of brownie at last. And there could be no better night. We will sing carols again.

Flow that love,
Flow that energy
And we are not here to work for someone like bots,
Close your eyes and see
Wait everything is an adventure
And everything is the mystery,
Feel this together

Now, I am able to locate my soul friends in 2021. Pigeons, Sparrows, and other animals. Feeding them helps me in grounding, These are my fans
And I won’t give up on them.

When emotions flow, We Replace the moon with the sun. Balance your left and right part of the brain.
Woohoo, Wohhoooo Wohoooo Wohhhooooo.
It could be another paradise,
Woohoo, Wohhoooo Wohoooo Wohhhooooo!!

Christmas Night, all will be meeting and greeting. Million people with the same voice will get lost with the now. There will be no noise only voice. And I want to be lost with this moment forever.

There could be no better day. Look out the day. Wake up with birds. I love sparrows. And I will flow with the universe. Solving another mystery. Take me to church again, It’s been a long time I went there.

Go on, Go on, Go on for more than one reason…….

Let’s feel this together. And I won’t stop. We will vibrate together. With synchronicities to make our space a better place. All I think every festival is telling us to get lost in the present. I waited for so long to walk with the present. I am shouting.

Lighting your room and decorating trees.
we don’t need words, we love instruments
For a million people we express emotions,
We will be celebrating each day
With happiness and joy.
Playing with now,
We are people from another planet.
There is no noise
Only one voice
Stop spreading lower vibrating emotions on this earth.
On this earth
Close your eyes and see there is paradise
And we are people from another planet.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

I asked from Santa,

Where we are heading now can you tell me
With this approach can we save the earth?

Santa’s message is out:

Humanity is in severe crisis. Something more is going on this planet and you know universe portals are opened for you to awaken to the reality of different dimensions.

People have free will to choose If they want to bring low vibrating frequencies on this planet earth.


Vibrate on another dimension with higher vibrating frequencies. We cannot force anyone. This has been happening so long but it will not continue for so long. Have faith.

We are energy and we should not allow anyone to deplete our energy portals.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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