Conversation with My Wife (189)

An odd couple? Or just a couple of odds?

Jack Herlocker
Feb 21 · 2 min read
We got cool prism specs from my ex and her wife. And then posted this photo on Facebook because it gave us a chuckle.

I have taken to Apple’s Fitness+ “Mindful Cooldowns,” which are a way to bring a body down from a high heart rate, but also work on mindfulness. Kinda like their yoga routines (mostly the same coaches) but without the poses. Also shorter.

So I finish this MC routine and have breakfast with Deb. And I have a question for her.

ME: Do I have a particular unique gift, talent, or quality?

DEB: (look that says “What?”)

ME: Okay, so I was doing this mindfulness routine, and the coach said to visualize a glass. Half empty or half full.¹ Then think of someone we love more than anything, and who loves us unconditionally — that would be you — and put them in the glass —

DEB: And then you pour water on me?

ME: — and then think of some unique talent or quality we have, and put that in the glass —

DEB: How big is this glass?

ME: — but I couldn’t come up with the unique quality or personal talent.

DEB: Sense of humor. Definitely. It’s one of the reasons I was originally attracted to you. It’s who we are as Jack&Deb². Ask any of our Medium peeps or church family.

ME: But not everyone gets our humor.

DEB: That’s the unique part. Medium peeps see our real sense of humor. Our church family sees the side we bring when we do announcements or skits. We have to tone that down because we’re a little odd.

ME: I like it!

DEB: Sometimes I would have liked to drop [her old boss] in a glass. Then fill it with water. That would have been fun.

Speaking of odd senses of humor…

¹Bringing to mind the list:
• Pessimist: Glass is half empty.
• Optimist: Glass is half full.
• Optometrist: Cover your left eye. How does the glass look now?
• Optimizer: Glass is twice as big as it needs to be.
• Pragmatist: Glass can still hold more. Who’s pouring?

²Or Deb&Jack. Depending.

Copyright ©2021 by Jack Herlocker. All rights reserved. Don’t make my wife come try out her sense of humor on you…

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