Conversation with My Wife (190)

🎵 There’s noooo people like snooooow people like nooooo people I know… 🎵

Jack Herlocker
Mar 4 · 3 min read

ME: So, are we going to be able to keep the snow people a little longer? I know it’s March, but we do still have actual snow on the ground.

DEB: Well, I only have a few Saint Patrick’s Day things, and it’s a few weeks until Easter. Why?

Deb likes to decorate for holidays. Christmas is the big one, of course — the Christmas tree, special stuff on the mantel, the wreath on the front door, Christmas folks all over—but even after the tree comes down, she has backup “generic winter” items that go on display.

She’s much better about this kind of thing than I am.

ME: Well, you took down the candles—

DEB: Which can only be up for two months.

We have electric candles that go up in our front-facing windows. Very pretty, although since we don’t come home from work in the dark since being retired, not as important as they once were. Still nice, though. I miss them when they get taken down.

ME: —so I didn’t know how long the winter things would be around. Since it’s March and we have stuff popping out of the ground all over.

We should have an interesting spring, flower-wise, based on the number of green things—and some reddish-green-leaf things, except those would be tulips, and it’s too early for tulips to be starting to come out yet, right?—if we can only avoid several days of hard freeze. Which is not showing up on the ten-day forecast, but some 60° days are, so fingers crossed.

DEB: Maybe this weekend, Jackster? We’ll see what else we have going on.

When I was working on this piece, I went around and shot the “winter” items. Then twice I went “oh crap!” before I published, and ran to photograph something else. And I can only suppose that after Deb reads this, she will look at me sadly and say, “You didn’t want to include [favorite old thing]?” So there may be a photo or two coming later.

EDIT: And now it’s later:

Copyright ©2021 by Jack Herlocker. All rights reserved, and I’m saving a snowball in the freezer for anybody who rips this off.

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