Engaged! Wtf?!

First time being engaged, and yes, I’m excited!

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Yes, you read that right! I recently got engaged to the man of my dreams, and the excitement is beyond words.

Our engagement was a private and intimate celebration, attended only by our closest family. We’re leaning towards a similar vibe for our wedding day — perhaps with a few additional close friends, but not a large gathering. We truly cherish intimacy, aiming to connect and celebrate with each guest personally.

Being engaged to someone has brought about a unique sensation, a feeling of everything being different. Everything happened in a whirlwind; despite knowing him since middle school, our connection has deepened significantly in just these past few years. And now, we find ourselves engaged? What the hell is going on?!

I still find myself stealing glances at my engagement ring, struggling to believe it’s real. Being engaged to someone I’ve loved and adored for so long feels like an incredible dream that has finally come true.

I never could have anticipated that he would become “that” person; it never even crossed my mind. But then again, isn’t that true for all of us? When you get engaged or married, the idea that this person will be your only love for eternity probably never occurred to you either before. Right, right? (looking for a friend.)

And the same goes for him. I never imagined it would be him, you know?

Sure, he’s not flawless. He sings off-key, opts for questionable haircut styles, and consistently dons the same plain black band t-shirt, even on special occasions. His snores can be heard from miles away, and I despise how he always tickles me in public. The sound of him chewing is another pet peeve. His nagging can be overwhelming, and the nonchalant response to his occasional “careless fart” often leaves me fuming.

But above all, he’s wonderful. His culinary skills surpass mine, and he consistently smells delightful, even right after stepping out of the bathroom. He pays attention to my usual order at our favorite local restaurant, keeps his AirPods clean whenever I borrow them, and has a soft spot for cats. A captivating conversationalist, he never glances at his phone when I’m speaking. He effortlessly kept the conversations flowing while with my parents, and all three of them could spend hours talking in the living room and never ran out of topics. Thoughtful and caring, he surprises my niece and nephew with birthday presents without me even asking. His love extends not only to me but also to my entire family.

And just like that, despite everything I hate about him, I wouldn’t have him any other way. I’m taking it all.

I’m taking all of him, including his flaws, without pinpointing any specific reason. It’s just something I feel; no need for an explanation. The next thing I realize is that I want to spend the rest of my days, whether it’s doing laundry or tackling taxes, right by his side. (yes, a nod to “Everything Everywhere All at Once.”)

Entering this new phase fills me with excitement, yet there’s a twinge of fear, perhaps fueled by the uncertainty of what lies ahead. The unknown holds the potential for both joy and challenges. Some relatives have even hinted at the inevitability of obstacles that come with upcoming weddings or marriages.

Yet, I have faith that we both will weather it all. I believe we can navigate every windstorm, and hurricane, and alien invasion, and the return of dinosaurs, and even a zombie apocalypse — anything, as long as we face it together.

So yes, I’m ready for whatever comes our way! Bring it on!

In response to Dennett’s February Prompt: What Are You Excited About?

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