Find the Middle

A Meditation Verse

Photo by W on Unsplash

Here is the wave
and here is the bottom of it.
The space between is empty,
but it is not a vacuum and
it is not a sanctuary.

Define the middle,
nestle inside of it and
open your eyes to realize
that the motion was
an illusion and the
stillness carries you
even faster.

Finding silence
while rocketing through time
is no more difficult
than finding words
to describe all of
your forgotten secrets.

Pull the sky down
like a window shade
to discover yourself
riding the blue,
not as a bird or a cloud,
but as the wind,
or really, as the blue

–New Orleans, February 2022
Steve Spehar



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Steve Spehar

Steve Spehar

Writer, photographer, actor, poet, musings on life, philosophy, travel, culture, art, politics & zen. Based in New Orleans, living in a garage by the river.