I Wish I Could Help You: A Personal Consolation

The German Woods. Image by author

To My Love,

I wish I could help you darling
When you suffer I can’t bear to see it
I wish there was something
Anything I could do…
It hurts me so deeply
To see you like this
I wish I could drain all the pain and darkness from you
So you will never suffer again
I have done all I could do to help
There is nothing else I can think of
-All I can do is pray to G-d you will be okay
I love you more than anything
I would do anything for you
And give you the whole world if I could
And I wish with my whole heart
I could get you out of that place
— But how much can I try and try
Until I’m burnt out and there’s nothing left
I don’t know what else to do
All I can do is pray
And pray
And hope
And pray…
My love,
I will no longer reach out to you
And give so much of myself
I guess you will have to learn through pain
And failure
And consequence
And fear
But I will always be with you in spirit
So until we meet again
I wish you peace
And until we speak again
I wish you joy
And until we reunite
I wish you ease of mind




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Sophia Shearman

Sophia Shearman

I am deeply INSPIRED to create magic through empowering, healing, and moving those who read.