A teddy with the words “Forever Friends” written underneath it.
Image by Sofia Paz-D’África

Old Friend, Fresh Memories

a reminder of a beautiful friendship

I’ve tried many times to find someone like you. Someone who could make me laugh without even saying a word ; who could complete my sentences; who understood my jokes.A person that I could be profound with but also completely silly.

Until the day we met, I searched for that one person who could be everything you were to me.

Old Friend

We belonged to two different worlds.

You, wealthy, both parents at home. You had violin, dancing, and swimming lessons. You took pretty much any extracurricular activity your heart desired because, just like me, you had trouble sticking to one thing.

I, underprivileged, single-parent home. I dreamt of piano and tennis lessons but couldn’t afford them.

You have a loving mother, I know because you told me. Because I saw it. Because I felt it.

Whenever I would go to your house, your mother treated me as if I were your sister.

To my apartment, I could never invite you but never told why either…It was hard to explain to someone whose reality was so different from mine.

Due to that, I think you never got to know me as well as I knew you. I never fully let you in. To be honest, I didn’t know how.

The truth was hard to face and to let you know the extent of my emotional damage could dictate the end of our friendship.

At least that’s what I believed in, but I now recognize that I should’ve given you the chance to decide whether or not you still wanted to be friends with me.

Fresh Memories

Still, what we lived together was beautiful! Not only our connection as human beings but also all the amazing experiences: my first concert and music festival, my first road trip abroad, and the first time I felt like I belonged.

All these events broad us closer and you added so much happiness to my life!

The memory lane is full of surprises and spontaneous moments like that time you came back to school after lunch and invited me to the movies.

We ended up watching a very bad and confusing movie but once again we did it together so it was fun.

Or that one time we decided to play detectives! We weren’t good at it and weren’t able to find out anything. Besides we couldn’t stop laughing!

Sometimes you would ask me to lunch at your house. You were lonely as your half brothers were much older and lived far away, so you seized every opportunity to have your friends over.

The food was always great but I was there for the company which never disappointed!

Forever Reminder Of A Beautiful Friendship

As I think about all these moments and all of the others only we know about, the one thing that is common to all the different stories is the joy I felt.

I truly appreciate everything that you and your mother allowed me to experience: the feeling of belonging to a family, feeling welcomed, to live without fear.

I was able to experience a much better version of myself. One that was happy and bubbly; instead of being constantly afraid to speak my mind, to look at someone in the wrong way — scared and lonely.

The smile that the thought of those days brings to my lips is a forever reminder of the unlikely friendship that brought my teenage years a much-needed light — and lightness.

And for all that:

Thank you, old friend!



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