A sonnet about an encounter

Caroline Mellor
Weeds & Wildflowers
1 min readAug 14, 2020
Photo by Tom Morel on Unsplash

A songbird flew in through the door today.
Unharmed, the tiny brown thing darted up
and perched beside a cactus on the shelf,
when silence fell, except the dreary hum
of dishwasher, TV and tumble dry.
He regarded me with eyes which shone like
blackberries glazed in late September light,
piercing through the mundane household thrum.

How dull to him our world must seem, I thought,
how cluttered, full of straight lines and of dust.
The morning sun poured in, illuminating
water droplets from the tap in diamond light;
a suspended moment passed and out he flashed,
leaving strange behind for wild autumn skies.

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© Caroline Mellor 2020



Caroline Mellor
Weeds & Wildflowers

Mother, author, Medium top writer in poetry and climate change. www.carolinemellorwriter.com