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Spring Has Sprung

Welcoming March

Mar 1 · 2 min read
© Dennett 2/25/21

Hello, Weeds & Wildflowers,

I don’t know about your corner of the world but mine is in full bloom! Spring has finally arrived after an unusually dismal winter with way too many freezing nights and cold days.

Now, I can hear you snow-bounders grumbling about a Floridian complaining about a “cold” winter. Keep in mind, though, our houses and heating systems are not built to withstand super cold temperatures — just like Texas sadly proved — and we don’t have a large selection of winter garb. After a few weeks, we’re sick of seeing the same clothes over-and-over on ourselves and on others!

I will be posting the Weeds & Wildflowers March writing prompt soon. Hint: look at the new banner, speaking of which, I am very grateful to for letting me use one of her stunning photos for March— isn’t it gorgeous?!

And, I want to applaud all who participated in our February prompt of Seasons. Keep in mind, W&W prompts have no deadlines or expiration dates. Feel free to respond to any prompt at any time.

Meanwhile, enjoy a few more of my spring-is-finally-here shots:

© Dennett 2/25/2021
© Dennett 2/25/2021
© Dennett 2/26/2021
© Dennett 2/28/2021 & 2/20/2021

© Dennett 2021

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