The December

Time of the year

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This is a December,
I Repeat the December
Our time of a year,
And the emotional
Vibes are different than all other months of a year!!
It’s a time to rest and relax,
It is also clear!

And I have everything given all away
To make a space
for some more light to enter
And I think that there is nothing,
I missed this Year!
All the hard lessons I have gone through!!

I wish something, I could have missed
And this is me not Alone —
Because I,
Because I,
Because I,
know all are struggling in someway
to fix the darker aspects of their lives.

This is a December,
I Repeat the December
It’s the end time of the year,
Our time of the cheer!!
And the emotional
Vibes are different than all other months of the Year!!

It’s a time to rest and relax,
It is also clear.
Feeling all the different energies,
Just to reach another milestone,
Playing with the light to uncover another
snow-covered dream.

Time to ponder and question, I posted to the universe

Why does darkness exist in our life?

Universe: Hey buddy, Darkness is not bad, make it your friend instead of fighting and pushing it away and you will see more light emerging from it…

Did you know?

December has marked the end of the year and the coming of winter. Since the ancient Romans established their first calendar. December is formed from the Latin root Decem- which means “ten” but December is our twelfth month. The strange numbering discrepancy is also present for September, October, and November, which refer to “seven,” “eight,” and “nine,” even though they’re our ninth, tenth, and eleventh months.The ancient Roman calendar only had ten months in the year, beginning with March. January and February were eventually added after December to the end of the year. But, by the time the Julian Calendar was established in 45 BCE, January and February appeared at the beginning of the year, which bumped all of the original months.

You can check more here on the link below:

Thank you!!

Expressing Gratitude to All the people who follow me. And also, to Whom I follow.

And if you get lost in this world finding your worth and, wonder where you fit in, no one can cover and hide your inner being. You are part of the universe, a creator has something in store for you, hold on !!

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