The Wild, Wet, Weird City

Notes from a sinking New York City

Remington Write
Weeds & Wildflowers


Photo Credit — Remington Write / Sure, screens in the subway are a great idea!

Humans are weird and New Yorkers are just plain bonkers. We’re wading through flooded subway stations to get to work while walking past smashed video screens and bopping along to our Bluetooth earbuds without a care in the world. Well, except most of us are now extra careful to stand away from the edge of the subway platforms as trains pull into the station. It sure is a shame about that guy lying on the subway tracks who got killed, though, hmmm? Any lunch plans?

Can we take a moment here to ask the Metropolitan Transit Authority why they thought that spending millions of dollars to install screens throughout the subway system was a good idea? Boneheads.

Where was I?

Photo Credit — Remington Write / You already knew this

If I hadn’t grown up during this country’s ignominious adventure in Vietnam and hiding under desks in third grade in readiness for The Big One, I would probably be a lot more anxious than I am right now. The news is bad. And daily life in the city often bears out the perception that we’re heading into the End Times.

But, yeah, I’m as bonkers as the next New Yorker. I keep seeing beauty and light and interesting…