This Is Not A (Happy) Poem

Some words on sadness engulfing the soul

Photo by ÉMILE SÉGUIN 🇨🇦 on Unsplash

This is not a poem or a happy poem,

this a just a poem, with no theme, no specific direction,
a poem that doesn’t touch upon anything, any object, nature, happiness,
just that my hands were itching, itching to scribble something,
since long, because my mind’s blank, because work…




Stories of Dennett (Wildflower) & Ben (Weed) & Our Guests

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Somsubhra Banerjee

Somsubhra Banerjee

Loves mountains, sea waves, old buildings, petrichor, sound of night crickets, haiku, kintsukuroi , books, dogs, silences and also cacophonies!:)

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