Trees above my head viewed by looking straight up show trunks, branches and leaves with spots of white and blue sky.
Beech Trees at Worrall by Janice Gill

Trees and Water Bring Joy to Walking

November prompt response.

Weeds & Wildflowers
2 min readNov 22, 2023


Autumn’s Song — A Haiku

Tree’s susurration

Leaves in motion, wind-driven

Breathless emotion

In late Autumn and through winter, I find myself neglecting daily walks. British weather can be grey and depressing when the cloud never lifts and it’s cold and damp.

To persuade myself to get outside, I plan to head for woodland or water. Fortunately, there is plenty of both.

On a breezy day, woodland fills your senses even more than usual. The scents waft around, mixing and merging; the dappled light flickers and flits, and the wind washes over your skin. But most of all, the sound, the gentle susurration of leaves as they dance, fills the air and brings an awesome sense of peace and joy.

I get the same feeling of awe and peace from the motion of the ocean. A walk along the beach invigorates in all the same ways. I always get a feeling of being at home, especially if it’s one of the beautiful Welsh beaches. Unfortunately, I don’t live close to the sea, so a racing river or waterfall is the next best thing.

A tea coloured river flows down a cliff face and under a natural rock bridge before cascading down to the plunge pool and on down the valley.
Pystyll Rhaeadr by Janice Gill. The Afon Disgynfa flows across peat moorland, turning into a colloidal suspension the colour of tea, before coming over these falls.

Once I am out in nature with my camera, there is always joy to be found.

Thank you, Dennett, for this prompt in Weeds and Wildflowers, which is so apt at this time of year.



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