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Grand Central Terminal, NYC
Photo Credit — AleXander Hirka / Used with permission / Grand Central Terminal — NYC

I’m sure that describing my absence from this platform as having done an Irish goodbye isn’t going to sit well with someone. Oh well. However, it kind of tickled me to ask the Google about the term and discover that it’s supposedly because some drunken Irish fella didn’t want anyone taking his car keys away, so he left the party without saying goodbye.

Who knows. The one time I pulled that kind of stunt, I wound up in a snow-filled ditch in a part of town I didn’t know. Someone definitely should have snatched the keys out of my hands that night!

At any rate, after mumble mumble years of reading others harrumphing their way out the door of this platform, I knew that I’d quietly exit stage left. Which is what I did some months back after having suited up and showing up on a near daily basis for years. In fact, I wrote so many daily essays during the pandemic I was able to publish them in a book. That was definitely one of the reasons I stopped adding my voice to this particular chorus.