When You Hold Me

In the energy of your transforming whole


Author image. All rights and permissions reserved.

When you hold me in the morning as I lie between the folds
Of the mists of dusky morning and the depths of night time’s clothes
When you hold me as the sunshine starts to purr and stretch and yawn
And becomes its own beginning in its sanctifying dawn

As you hold my heart and tan tien your questless fingers lie
And disappear into the atom’s pure dimension crossing glide
And I become the nothing that I’ve always sought to be
As we gently reinterpret the calamities we’d dreamed

I come to you as one who knows the healing of her soul
Lies within the energy of your transforming whole
Lies within the joining of the minds that cannot be
Anything but peace within His grace filled mystery



Holly Rose Thomas
Weeds & Wildflowers

Student & Teacher of A Course in Miracles. Gratefully Exploring the Infinite Creative Mind. 🙏🏼 🎶❤️