It’s a wintery, white and FREEZING cold day. Photo by Louise Peacock

Winter Birds

And Window Views

While my friends Dennett, Anne Bonfert, Alan Asnen and Erika Burkhalter zoom around outside with cameras and capture great shots of the outdoors, including birds and deer and plants, here in Canada I sit in my nice warm office and watch a large number of birds flying madly across my window.

I wish I could capture images of some of these lovelies as they search the garden for seeds and enjoy the heated birdbath. However, it is -18 C outside right now, with a windchill of -30C — neither my camera nor I would be happy about hanging around outside.

The best I can do is get a few mediocre shots through the sliding doors at the back.

Taken through the closed patio door, Robins hogging the bird bath. Photos by Louise Peacock
Taken through the closed patio door, a Starling takes possession, and is joined by a Robin. Photos by Louise Peacock
The cardinal pair have been enjoying the birdbath and picking stuff out of the evergreens. Photo by Louise Peacock

As for all the other beauties, I will have to satisfy myself with some pictures from the Bio-diversity Library so that you can see all the birds I am seeing right now, frolicking in the bright sun, in the subzero temps.

All illustrations below are courtesy the Bio-diversity Library. If you like this type of illustration they have a wide variety of different ones on the site and are all free to reproduce.

Junco and Purple House finch Pair



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Louise Peacock

Louise Peacock

Louise Peacock is a writer, garden designer, Reiki practitioner, singer-songwriter & animal activist. Favorite insult “Eat cake & choke” On Medium since 2016.