Some rules on “Week in MYP”

Hi! This is my first post and i want to suggest all the “Week in MYP” participants the rules of our blog.

This is my concept of our decalogue:

  1. Do everything in favour of and for our group’s good
  2. Don’t use too much slang, try to use pure and poetic english as long as possible
  3. Do not offend other participants without any arguments to do it. So it means, that constructive criticism instead of “Hating” is well-seen
  4. Try to be polite and kind as much as possible.
  5. Keep the style of your writing the same. If you write about your point of view, don’t argue it, be subjective and don’t try to convince your receiver. But if you write some argumentative writing form or if you debate with somebody, never tell about your subjective opinion, but argue it as objectively as possible.
  6. During discussion stll try to be polite and try not to let this debate turn into quarrel as long as possible.
  7. While writing anything, try to keep your statement gramatically and spelling correct and, of course, aesthetic.
  8. Do not spam or write dumb and useless statements.
  9. Try to be organised and disciplined as much as possible.
  10. Be as good writer, artist and reporter as you can. Our blog is free, egalitarian forum of free and carefree interchange of our inspirations, citations, ideas and minds.

I hope, that we will enjoy this blog and abide this decalogue by restrictively and honesty.

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