Version 2.0, The Next Chapter

As I begin to write my first blog post, I’m thinking that this would be the perfect opportunity to explore, discover and write the next chapter of my life. Whilst I ponder where I should start, some wise words shared with me sprung to mind — ‘You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last chapter!’

Suddenly I feel anxious and daunted by what I thought would be a fool proof step by step process — Where do i start? Will I be able to achieve my goals? Will I make the same mistakes again and is there another way where I don’t have to let go of those memories that I hold close to my heart?

Sound familiar?

As a Creative Director, I imagine and create concepts for digital products on a daily basis and ensuring that they are continuously improved based on user feedback is second nature to me. So I ask, why do I find it so difficult to adapt the create, learn and adapt approach to improve my personal life?

Im not sure if it’s because someone is telling me how to write my next chapter and I generally aspire to challenge the norm, but I start to wonder if there is a different approach I can take… one I am more comfortable with.

I think about how we read novels… the most obvious answer being chronologically and how each chapter wouldn’t make sense unless I read the last. Then there are those books that I couldn’t put down and later eagerly awaited for the film adaption to be released so I could experience it all over again. So what if I took the same approach with my life?

So I’ve decided that each of my posts will focus on what has never really changed in my journey — my goals! Whether it’s my hope of being in a relationship, developing my career, finding a better balance between prioritising family over myself or improving my health, for each I’ll now be asking myself the question — Can I learn from a previous chapter in my life?