Peyton Manning to Mike Pence: ‘u dick’

Jason Wojciechowski
Weekend Caucus
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2 min readOct 9, 2017


Photo from Colts organization

A text conversation between Indianapolis Colts star, Peyton Manning and the Vice President of the United States.

Manning — U still coming to my big celebration on Sunday?

Pence — We wouldn’t miss it for the world. You know how Mother loves football!

Manning — will give u a shoutout at halftime. family is so impressed…the VP (and soon POTUS LOL) there just for their little Peyton.

Pence — Suck it Eli! dont tell Mother I said that

Manning — U here dawg?

Pence — H-E double hockey sticks Yes! Here’s a pic of of us..totally taken right now.

Manning — sweeeet. my thing isn’t until halftime, so don’t go anywhere.

Pence — Of course, where would I go?

Manning — u see that pass I threw to Reggie? hope u weren’t getting a beer! haha i know u don’t drink.

Pence — Umm, it was great.

Manning — i’ll come say hi. family always wanted to meet a VP!

Pence — Don’t hate me, I had to leave.

Manning — but u stayed for halftime?

Pence — Uh, not exactly. Something came up.

Manning — national emergency? r we under attack? go get those terrorists!

Pence — Some black men kneeled. Mother was very upset.

Manning — so you just left?

Pence — my boss made me do it.

Manning — ur a dick

Manning — oh and that pic was from 3 years ago.

Pence — Don’t be that way Pey! You still going to headline our retreat?

Manning — oh, ill show up. i just may have to leave before it starts. sorry not sorry.



Jason Wojciechowski
Weekend Caucus

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