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Gerardo Capiel

Jun 10, 2013

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My Pebble App for Managing my Day

I just posted to http://github.com/gcapiel/PebbleFeed the code for a Pebble watch app and accompanying web application that helps me manage my day by integrating San Francisco Muni bus arrival times and my schedule for the day from Microsoft Exchange.

Bus arrival times are displayed as two countdown timers with a 5 minute vibrating warning. Once the bus times have passed, it displays my schedule for the day from MS Exchange. The top item is always the next item and it gives a five minute advance vibrating alert.

The approach is to have a web application compile a Pebble app with the bus arrival times and schedule information hardwired in the code. The web application code for now only handles my local bus routes and my Exchange account, but I intend to make it multi-user. Though, a novice coder could easily configure it for themselves. So far, I love the Pebble app. It helps me make my bus just in time and I’m much more tuned to my meeting schedule. I love that at the end of the day, the app displays just the time.

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