Bored of Oppression, Bored with Justice

“Are you coming through, do you want me to… take your body? It would be so cool to be cool with you, I said lordy, lordy! Where’d you get that bruise, do you want me to… take your body.” Bunker Hill

Fuckjerry. Fuck my brain. Plenty of ways to get fucked today: gamma, ultra-violet, cathode ray, global-positioning, multiverse opening, and on and on and on. What if there is a sexual equivalent to every word in the English language? Hi pretty lady, would you like some margarita? How about some lemonade, some pina colada, and some marmalade? Some thrice-shaken margarita twist, some pickled salty lemonade, fair-trade, organic pina colada, orange-cucumber marmalade, and your personal favorite, chocolate-flavored strawberry marzipan? Yum. Try to tune off of your television and get work done with your cellular device but the world is still too cute to handle. Easily-impressed inspirational zombies: blogs, instagram, vines, quotes, boats, art, poetry, art, porn, poetic-art-porn, and anything you can think of that might rhyme or slime in between.

I use to think about writing a book… but then I thought I’ll save the world the redundancy: someones already thought of it. Sometimes today I think about thinking, but then I tune in and see that there is in fact someone doing that already at this moment, except even better. It use to make me insecure, but now that I developed an open mind, embraced all-aspects of the world, and have adopted the devil as my personal saving grace and guide (he is in fact a very open-minded person), my daily critical-therapy has made contending with these daily doses of overwhelming inspiration… simple.

Congratulations, you benched a total of 500 pounds today! The gorilla at the zoo picked up a 1000 pound tire. Are you a gorilla? Jerk. Congratulations, you had a well-balanced breakfast! The elephant ate some hay and shit 1000 pounds. Can you do that? Prick! Thoreau said “Most men live lives of quiet desperation.” It seems today that every man is at war with this social malaise — a global uprising — “Do not go gentle into that goodnight.” Bullshit… most men are still desperate to ignore their innate faculties. Suppression is preference. Some things never change. A society of enlightened leaders! How remarkable! Aaahhh, no fraternity. Should have known. Respect. What’s that?

A lightning rod from heaven can zap a beggar into a prince; but beggars can’t be choosers. Contentment? Modern world: a child tossed playfully in the air from his parents loving arms, and in a split-second of anti-gravity, panics. Sex.

Grown-up kids: “Let’s have an orgy!” “Fire! Run the other way! Thank God, look, we made it over the hill. Oh look, enlightenment!” No You idiot. Choco-latte smoothe, chocolate tootsie-pop, California-style sushi, Mediterranean vegetable gyros with hummus… and all that is still food!

It’s not funny anymore. At the other end of the spectrum, our favorite! The self-entitled, racist, oft-preaching, know-it-all, he-man-worthy-man Anglo-Saxon male. This type: in a mad dash to fill all kinds of nobility with obscenity and trespass even vulgar class to outright self-humiliation, all in the name of chivalry. So, you decided in 12th grade to resign your life to continuing your worthless dirty jokes and unimpressive chat roulette. Does that make you a man? No? Then shut the fuck up.