Rich, Modest, and Poor, What’s It All For?

“I’m not afraid to know when things are getting low. Some people say you hate me. I don’t believe it’s true, things that you’re going through.” Gong Li

Have you ever looked into eyes that you knew know more than your eyes? Mistaken simplicity for stupidity and you’ve committed all the crimes of colonialism over in an instant. Have you ever felt someone’s heart beat beautifully and thought for a moment to intrude, but then let heaven get the better aspect of you?

The heart can think too; there should be another word in the English language. Brain is to intellect, as heart is to ______. Or maybe heart is to intellect as brain is to mind. Do we really know anything more than what we feel? Emotional interfacing: welcome to the modern world. Haha! I didn’t know people could laugh their way to Hell. I’d rather coke and smoke my way to Hell, but I have a distinct feeling that some of those make it to Heaven. How many ties bind the necks of businessmen in suits, their pretentious character too impressive for their puny minds?

How many blunts does it take to get to the center of your soul? Is anybody ever going to figure it out. Everybody seems to believe that everybody has an equal chance to figure it out. Has anyone figured it out?

Stop trying to inspire me. To see your pretty ass fall in the dirt would be more inspiring than 1000 of your pretty words strung eloquently together. Roll up your sleeves, come walk with me. A day in my life might be worth a thousand in yours. They say one prophet is worth more than all of the saints. Drop in a bucket. What’s the smallest you’ve ever felt? They say the greatest men are the most humble. A heart of a child grown into the ferocity of a lion… the stories that can never possibly be told. The saint said he found truth and since that day he finds bliss in the corner of his room meditating. Truth — when the downtrodden will be recompensed, when those who raise themselves up will be lowered — that’s Truth. Saint, what’s your faith? How’s your certainty? Can you extend me an invitation?

Why does it seem to me that Heaven might remind me of this world, and be the exact opposite of it at the same time?

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