My spotless mind

Scientists are working on drug which will erase your fearful/troubling past memories, but do we really need it? This Aeon post talks in details about it.

To Fall in Love With Anyone

Want to fall in love with someone? Try answering 36 questions with him/her & you will fall for them, I have not tried it but the NPR podcast guest narrating this experiment has.

Why Yahoo! Alumni are Mourning

Yahoo is sold to Verizon [source], the author ex-yahoo employees talks about the glorious past of yahoo writes about culture/management/people.

I Have No Confidence… So This Is What I Do

James Altucher gives excellent advice on how to gain confidence & do good with life.

Nepal’s Maithil women break traditional gender roles

How things have changed for women’s in Maithila for good, it could have been much well written in my opinion.

Originally published at on August 4, 2016.