Redesign Challenge (4/52):

Evan Dinsmore
Feb 5, 2015 · 9 min read

Tweetbot for Mac

Well, shit.

Deal with it

Tweetbot for Mac preferences
Left: Current Tweetbot for Mac, Right: Redesigned Tweetbot for Yosemite

Designing for Mac OS X

I expected this week’s challenge to be relatively simple. Despite never having designed anything substantial for OS X, Tweetbot’s navigation structure was already solid, there was an existing reference for Yosemite-style icons and typography in the iPhone app, and I was only going to be working on the timeline, since I had decided not to work on the challenge over the weekend. What I didn’t account for, was the time sink of reading Apple’s OS X Human Interface Guidelines, and downloading and looking at dozens of sample Mac apps. In hindsight, while the HIG would certainly have helped if I was designing every screen, dialog, and preferences for a larger product, it didn’t really help me all that much while designing a single screen of a fictional app.

Different approaches to Mac sidebars. From left to right: Finder, Slack, Glyphs, Airmail, Rdio
Some title bar iterations from the redesign process.
Tweetbot redesign on a Macbook Pro

The Many (Inter)Faces of Tweetbot

One of the reasons Tweetbot has remained my go-to Twitter app for iPhone is the UI customization. Personally I keep night-mode on all the time, with a small font size, large image previews, (rounded) square avatars, and relative times. But I’m sure many people prefer something entirely different, and that’s part of what makes Tweetbot great.

Tweetbot for iPhone, display preference changes
Two variations of the same Tweetbot interface, based on user preferences.

Tweetbot 2

From the time I started writing this post, Tweetbot 2 for Mac has gone from being nonexistent, to teaser, to being officially announced. Because of the crazy timing, I thought it might be fun to look at the similarities. To avoid any confusion with credit, I’ll avoid posting the image inline, but you can take a look here.


Better late than never, I suppose. The write-up portion of these challenges remains the hardest part for me. I’m getting better at organizing my thoughts, but even still, compiling examples and screenshots can be very time-consuming.

Weekly Redesign Challenge

52 Weeks, 52 Redesigns

Evan Dinsmore

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Weekly Redesign Challenge

52 Weeks, 52 Redesigns

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