Build backlog

Sprint updates


This week we've updated the website with the current build backlog our team has been working on.

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LFG discord V.0 (Discord)

Codename Kaffeehaus is a custom discord server, inspired on gamer’s LFG communities, Match tools and our global research. The discord offers a gamified safe heaven for people to explore their match list and get introduced to each other by NYX.

Users can ask NYX’s matchbot for introductions inside the Kaffeehaus server and in the communities they belong to.

> !match
> Hey @zr0, I’d like to introduce you to @suMusic

> You are the #392 most connected person in this community

> You’ve made 21 connections so far.

>!profile @zr0art
> zr0 is a verified BAYC, Doodles, Gutter Cat Gang holder. They (…)

The Soul Reader — Explorations of the SOUL

The Soul Reader collection allows you to claim art that matches your soul.
Embark on a self-discovery journey by matching your SOUL with Ferrymen’s world creatures and art uniquely available to you.

Early wireframe


Tools planned for Metaverse and IRL matchmaking that will be unveiled as we advance the onboarding and funding for the project.

  • Soulcestry (Match on the Web)
    Web app showing matches accross communities and collections.
  • Soulquest (Match IRL)
    Navigate IRL events meeting Soulmates.
  • Soulcestry 2.0 (Match in the Metaverse)
    Match information accessible on heads up display, check visual prototype below.
VR/ Display