Weekly Watch on China 20211026–20211122

  1. Former Vice-Premier and Retired politburo in Sexual Scandal
From AsiaNews

What happened: The retired politburo, one of the 7 most powerful men in China, Zhang Gaoli, was reported by his mistress via Weibo. The lady, Peng Shuai, who is a tennis star, claimed to have had sex with him for many years, with Zhang’s wife knowing exactly everything happening. One detailed from Peng’s blog was that Zhang brought her home with Zhang’s wife, and then went to the bedroom with her, while the wife was out in the dining room.

It’s quite unusual for a man like Zhang to be reported with sexual scandal, though it might be universally considered that all high ranking government officials were in some sexual relationship with all different kind of ladies. I literally mean all.

Some guessed that Zhang’s sexual scandal was released on purpose, as Weibo’s sanction algorithm would not allow a Politburo name showed at all, while Peng’s weibo was online for like 20 minutes, literally meant “you guys just take screen shots and spread as much as you want”.

This is another show of Chinese social media sanction, as many wechat groups were reported and suspended within minutes, and all the spread of this information was forbidden. Of course, people would try innovative ways to share the stories, like sending videos which just took shots on the words of Peng’s weibo, which would also be banned. This made the normal video passing time abnormally longer. A chat history of guys talking how WeChat sanctioned the chat, that they took a hybrid way: machine learning and human intervention, was also banned.

Follow up: After the weibo, Peng disappeared for nearly 3 weeks. There was even a #Whereispengshuai on Twitter. On Nov 21st, Sunday, International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach held a video phone call with her, during which she said she was OK and staying with family. They didn’t talk about anything related to the sexual abuse report. In such way, I think it is a plain proof that it was true.

2.EDG Became 2021 League of Legends World Champion

From Yahoo News

The champion winning of EDG made everybody excited, including guys outside of gaming world.

But what I really want to say is some jokes about the award. Since the match was most watched by university students, and they would definitely shout and cry for it in the dormitories, some joked that the guards to the dormitories were even thinking that the roars were about successfully reclaiming Taiwan territory.

The jokes were shared by many people in the social network, which showed some minds about Taiwan issue.

3.The New Core Formalized

From QSTheory

Xi Became the third “core”, officially. The 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) started its sixth plenary session in Beijing on Nov 8th, and the meeting passed the third historical resolution, in which Xi was the third CPC leader with a title “Core”.

Check this sentence: 全党必须坚持马克思列宁主义(Marxism and Leninism)、毛泽东思想(Mao Zedong Thoughts)、邓小平理论(Deng Xiaoping Theory)、“三个代表”重要思想(Proposed by Jiang Zemin, but his name not shown directly)、科学发展观(Put out by Hu Jintao same fate of Jiang Zemin),全面贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想(Xi Jinping New Era Chinese Style Socialism). The red colored words are names of different leaders, Marx, Lenin, Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, and, unsurprisingly, Xi Jinping. You can tell Xi’s position just by reading this sentence, which was from the conclusion part of the resolution.

Xi paid a lot of attention to Chinese traditional culture, as the resolution mentioned quite much about the combination of Marxism and Chinese traditional culture.

4.Biden and Xi made a phone call

From QQ News

Biden and Xi made a virtual meeting on Nov 15th night(EST). The meeting lasted for more than 3 hours, but the two presidents didn’t reach any “real” agreements.

Chinese media and Western English media reported the issue differently: There was a brief report on this meeting by Chinese state run media, quoating Biden re-stated that U.S didn’t seek to change China’s political institution, and would not try to strengthen ally-ship to go against China, with no intention for U.S — China conflict. Biden also said that U.S supported “One-China Policy” and didn’t agree on Taiwan’s independence, wishing a stable Taiwan Strait. Western media more focused on climate change, human rights etc.

The two media showed pics differently also:


You can tell easily from the two different pics that China media made it a little bit more “equally”, while western a more “U.S” centered. The subtle arrangement may represent what the two leaders really want to show. However, Biden and Xi held a meeting at Xi’s work time, which meant U.S is more willing to talk.

No real decision made, but what’s following may be interesting. We should have not expected any meaningful results from the meeting, but the meeting itself is important though. U.S and China may not continue fighting fiercely, and Xi has gained huge credit domestically.



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