Advancing attested IoT data trading marketplaces through Weeve & BigchainDB/Ocean Protocol Partnership

Background photo by Erin Biafore via Unsplash.


22.05.2018. Berlin, Germany — Weeve, a Berlin-based blockchain startup is, announcing its partnership with BigchainDB/Ocean Protocol to explore IoT data-trading marketplaces with the help of Artificial Intelligence. This partnership is the result of Weeve, BigchainDB/Ocean Protocol meeting at Consensus 2018 hosted by Coindesk, during NYC Blockchain week.

Weeve is building the ecosystem for the machine-to-machine economy, where IoT devices monetize their most valuable asset, data. The Weeve Network enables truthful data trading through the Blockchain and creation of private and public marketplaces, curated to sell the aforementioned data.

“It was natural to partner with BigchainDB/Ocean Protocol, as the team shares the same vision with Weeve that data has value, but the value needs to be activated. Their expertise in analyzing, processing, and indexing data for AI is a missing technological piece to empower Machine Learning for a fully automated and intelligent Economy of Things that smoothly fits into and extends the architecture of the Weeve Platform. The partnership showcases that Berlin is not only a vibrant place for excellent deep tech R&D, it is also a place for fruitful cross-collaboration, underlining the Berlin Blockchain epicenter as being a co-operative environment.”

— Prof. Dr. Sebastian Gajek, Weeve CTO / Co-founder and Chief Scientist

“One of the core use cases for Ocean Protocol is to enable the sharing and selling of data from IoT devices, exactly the capability that Weeve unlocks. We’ve been working closely with them the past months such that Weeve builds the open-source technology weeveOS, the first IoT-to-Blockchain Operating System with emphasis on secure data attestation and transportation, that fulfils the promise of tokenizing IoT data fleshing out the below Ocean Protocol. The collaboration with Weeve is a natural extension for Ocean Protocol. BigchainDB is a founding partner of both the Ocean Protocol and the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA).”

— Bruce Pon, Founder of Ocean Protocol

To deepen the technical collaboration, Weeve CTO and Chief Scientist Prof. Dr. Sebastian Gajek has signed on to be a technical advisor to Ocean Protocol.

Weeve and BigchainDB/Ocean Protocol continue to explore how their networks can interoperate such that they mutually take advantage of the services and functions the networks are designed for. They will continue to explore applications based on crypto-economic incentive strategies to enrich the Weeve and Ocean Protocol.

About Weeve

Weeve’s vision is to empower the Economy of Things where IoT machines (or “weeves”) index, process, attest and trade harvested data as digital assets. Weeve is building the infrastructure for public or private marketplaces for any form of digital assets ranging from geo-data to electricity or delivery status. We combine two extremely emergent technologies, namely IoT and Blockchain, to create a highly secure data marketplace. Through the Weeve Platform, both consumers and enterprises can register smart devices they own and effortlessly monetize the data produced by them. The platform facilitates the creation, management and orchestration of marketplaces while empowering individuals, enterprises or governmental bodies to set up, curate or join existing marketplaces in a fair and friendly manner. The Weeve Platform and Network provides a base layer for the EoT-commercialization of IoT data and the design of blockchain-based marketplace applications and services.

About Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol is a decentralized data exchange protocol to make data universally available for applications in AI and beyond. Ocean Protocol uses blockchain technology that allows data to be shared and consumed in a safe, secure and transparent manner. Ocean Protocol connects providers and consumers of valuable data, while providing open access for developers to build services. The Ocean Protocol Foundation is based in Singapore and was jointly founded by BigchainDB and DEX PTE Ltd.

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