Blockshow, Blockchain & Berlin

Weeve’s top 5 moments from the bustling Blockshow

Photo by Chris Arock on Unsplash

Weeve is still riding the wave of this year’s Blockshow Europe 2018, Berlin edition — being 5 times bigger than than the last Blockshow in Europe and 2 times the turnout of Blockshow Asia. With 3000 attendees, 93 exhibited companies (Weeve was here — did you meet us?) and 90 companies who sponsored the event, we had a great time. In amongst all the hustle and bustle we had a few successes from the event that we would like to share with you, one being of course our VIP sundowners, which we will get to soon enough.

Blockshow entrance at the Estrel Hotel in Berlin, Germany.

1. Data is the new gold

First things first, Weeve CTO, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Gajek, brought it home (and yes he rocked shorts on stage) with “Data is the new gold”, main stage presentation. He elaborated on Weeve tokenizing and therefore monetizing attested IoT data and bring it to the blockchain as a digital, tradeable blockchain-asset.

Weeve CTO, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Gajek — “Data is the new gold”

2. New friends

Martin and Bobby on attested data.

Secondly, Weeve CFO, Martin Buhl, has the pleasure to speak with Bobby Lee on his thoughts on the next big thing in blockchain. He replied with the necessity of attested data (data that has been verified/truthful).

Bobby Lee is best known for BTCC, a leading digital asset platform offering exchanges, mining pools & wallets and his following of 74,2K on Twitter. This is interesting, as weeveOS aims at implementing attested data oracles for the blockchain.

3. Berghain vibes at Blockparty

Did you make it to Blockparty: Weeve & Friends? After an exciting first day we hosted a VIP rooftop party for selected friends in the heart of Berlin at the Amano bar. For the newcomers to the Berlin, our winding queue of hopeful attendees were greeted on the top with with ‘bouncers’, Mel, David and Kasey asking you ridiculous entry questions resembled the one you might (dare you be brave enough) encounter outside Berghain, the world’s most famous techno club in of course, Berlin.

It was great to see a wide a variety of showstoppers, blockchain Blockshow’ers and the crypto community hanging about, like Fabian Vogelsteller (Weeve advisor) and CNBC. So, for those of you who made it in, you can thank your lucky stars and our friends at Chainwise Group, innogy innovation HUB and EXXETA, who helped Weeve in making Blockparty: Weeve & Friends a night to remember…

Scenes from the VIP event.

4. Weeve for Cyber Security

On day 2, Weeve CTO, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Gajek was on the stage again for a panel discussion on Blockchain and Cyber Security. One poignant question from the audience was how are IoT devices are secured, as blockchain technology does not achieve this. Sebastian iterated on how Weeve not only handles data provenance, but also device provenance.

A short snippet of Sebastian on the Blockchain and Cyber Security panel.
Sebastian shedding light on how Weeve secures IoT.

*For more on this, read our tech white paper on how Weeve achieves security-by-design and a safe Economy of Things.

5. Did you see Satoshi?

Lastly, Satoshi is female (2/3) and appeared at the Weeve booth — what an honour.

Who is Satoshi?

We had so much fun at Blockshow 2018 connecting with our community. Stay tuned for more interviews and video content — maybe even a thing or two from CNBC.

Weeve team members at Blockshow Europe 2018.

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