How can Berlin be the innovator of IoT: Take Action

If you’re into IoT, blockchain and start-up accelerators, then you probably were at our event held on Wednesday night. We represented ourselves with our Venture Accelerator and Supporter, Next Big Thing AG, at an event held at Factory Berlin. If you missed it, keep reading.

The night kicked off with an introduction by Harald Zapp, our CEO, who has more than 25 years of experience in the IT and IoT fields respectively and used to be part of CISCO for about 7 of those years. Harald is also the CEO of NBT and founded the successful IoT company, relayr. He shared his vast insights into the current IoT space and how he sees Germany, more so Berlin, as the perfect place for IoT to flourish. If you missed the talk…

‘Take action!’

…was a concurrent theme that he stressed. Harald urged IoT start-ups, people, creatives, virtually anyone in Berlin, to not just conceptualize elaborate ideas, but to rather take action. To make those ideas come alive and to drive Germany to become the pioneer of IoT.

“Everyone is looking at Germany, to see what innovations and solutions they will produce for the IoT world. Too many people are walking around with good ideas, but not enough people are taking action to make these ideas become a reality.”

Naturally, the night also focused on how NBT’s existing start-ups, like us, are forging their ways in the IoT sphere and was accompanied by a panel meet-and-great discussion of the founders/CTOs of all current NBT’s ventures. To say it most directly, NBT, the match-maker of start-ups (business and tech), are on the lookout to incubate more ventures.

Our Venture Developer and hacking Guru, Martin, took centre stage when he explained that eciotify is not only focused on IoT security, but also on a new Economy of Things, where devices can trade data, securely. IoT security is a topic that lacks discussion and media coverage (We will be posting more on this in the weeks to come) and an Economy of Things where IoT evolves into more than mere devices connected via the Internet, a topic that is widely spoken about. The combination of what eciotify has achieved and aims to achieve certainly seemed to appeal to the approximate 100 plus attendees.

Big thanks go out to Factory Berlin who let us use their trendy location for the meetup (luckily in the near future we will be moving into their new Görlitzer Park Factory Building — watch this space!) and to NBT, who has supported us constantly along our journey to democratize IoT data.

If you are interested in what we do, get in touch with us and come by. We are always searching for unique people who can bring something interesting to our team!

If, however you are interested to start your own company get in touch with NBT and share your ideas. Their motto is, ‘You dream, we create’.

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