Fabian Vogelsteller on why he backs Weeve

Weeve welcomes Fabian Vogelsteller to its advisory board

Fabian Vogelsteller is the co-inventor of the ERC20 token and the identity standards — ERC725 & 35. He is the creator of Mist browser, Ethereum Wallet and other open source software, and is currently founding a Fashion Industry Blockchain called LUKSO. In addition to this he works as the lead developer for the web3.js Library at the Ethereum Foundation.

“We’re more than honored to have one of the most innovative and recognized contributors of the Ethereum project on the advisory board. There are few people in the ecosystem that have such a deep understanding of Ethereum, on both a technological and visionary level on how Blockchain revolutionizes the future of the digital society” — Prof. Dr. Sebastian Gajek

His role at Weeve

“Weeve is combining secure hardware chips for IoT with use cases Off- and On-Blockchain, by creating token curated marketplaces for trustless IoT sensor data. This is a very needed piece of the infrastructure to create a trustless infrastructure on which society can operate. The interest in Blockchain and consensus technologies won’t go away any time soon, no matter of the price of its underlying tokens.
“I’m happy to support Weeve in Berlin — to create the right protocols and and technology. Those will not only secure the Weeve Platform, but its research results also benefits other protocols, and actors in the Blockchain ecosystem, like the LUKSO Blockchain, where token curated registries will play a crucial role.” — Fabian Vogelsteller

Fabian’s deep understanding of Ethereum is of unique value for Weeve. His comprehensive knowledge contributes to a proper and sound design and implementation of the Weeve Network and its token-curated marketplaces (TCR), building on top of the Ethereum network. Being actively engaged with the Ethereum community Fabian has access to ongoing technological and conceptual advancement that benefit the development of the Weeve Network. Vice versa, Fabian acts as an ambassador for Ethereum-based IoT applications and can communicate Weeve’s lessons learned about the implementation of attested, off-chain IoT oracles back to the community.

The Weeve team is happy to have his advise and looks forward to create the Economy of Things together.

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