Weeve Empowers the Economy of Things

Photo by Josh Riemer on Unsplash.

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The Internet of Things is so much more than just connecting devices to the Internet, it is the incredible opportunities that are created on top of the IoT stack (see diagram below). These opportunities hold immense value, especially when combined with weeve technology.

The 7 layers of IoT

The combination of these 7 layers and weeve technology forms the Economy of Things (EoT). Where the Internet of Things was able to manipulate our physical world into a liquid one, so will the Economy of Things be able to liquidize marketplaces into digital marketplaces, where the most valuable trading assets will be of digital means. The entire transformation holds untold promise for efficiency and automation as well as new economic value.

The Internet of Things made information cheap and available. Furthermore, the revolutionary advancement of the Economy of Things, birthed by IoT, will bring liquidity to marketplaces and digital assets, while simultaneously forging new discourse in the way we operate across industries. Not only will business operations become more efficient or our lives become more comfortable, thanks to smart devices that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to our benefit, but the Economy of Things will be able to change the way we accumulate and transfer value associated with tangible objects to an object operating in a digital sphere.

Here at weeve we are building a decentralized trading platform where data producers, like the devices that we own, would be able to sell their data in a trusted and secure way.

Watch our video to see how your data is becoming one of your most valuable assets in the Economy of Things and how weeve can help you play an active role in EoT.

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