When blockchain technology meets IoT: made possible by NBT, ConsenSys & weeve

Michael Bommer, Harald Zapp, Andrew Keys and Prof. Dr. Sebastian Gajek from NBT, ConsenSys and weeve

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Last week Friday we co-hosted an enlightening Happy Hour event with Next Big Thing AG, the IoT company builder of Europe and ConsenSys, who are synonymous with successful blockchain companies and Token Launches. The event was a conglomeration of the possibilities, achievements and challenges of the Internet of Things in combination with blockchain technology. All of this ingenuity from key players in the blockchain and IoT ecosystem took place at Factory Berlin’s trendy Rheinsbergerstraße HQ.

The night kicked-off with Michael Bommor, a co-founder of NBT, offering valuable insight into the innovation that blockchain technology will bring about to better the world. Next up was Harald Zapp, a co-founder and CEO of both NBT and weeve. He explained NBT’s successes and goals for the future to build companies that are innovation-driven in the IoT sphere. Andrew Keys, the founder of ConsenSys Capital followed thereafter and spoke on the involvement of ConsenSys in the blockchain ecosystem while announcing the partnering of NBT and ConsenSys on new projects to come.

Andrew Keys repeatedly stressed the importance to acknowledge that we are currently in the ’93 of the ’96.

This referenced the developments that occurred years after the ‘Dot-com bubble burst’ with the exponential rise of Apple applications from ’08 to 2017 as a prominent example.

The rise of Apple applications after the burst of the Dot-com bubble (Image courtesy via Statista)

Lastly, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Gajek, the co-founder and CTO of weeve tied the night to a unified-pinnacle by delving into the decentralization of generated IoT data by enabling it to be economized by the device owners themselves. weeve he explained, is ultimately marrying blockchain technology and IoT for an innovative new approach to the trade and ownership of IoT data.

This is definitely a stimulating time with many possibilities for the growth and development of new protocols and applications throughout IoT with the use of blockchain technology, with weeve being a prime example.

We thoroughly enjoyed hosting each and every attendee and would like to thank everyone involved in making this a night one to remember.

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