Team Weevil Weekly Report

Week 4, 21-JAN to 27-JAN

The team and sponsor at the construction site.


This week’s objectives were to develop our roles and team contract and to have a successful kick-off with our sponsor.


Our team met on 20-JAN, discussed our roles on the project, and generated a draft team contract. There are a few responsibilities to finalize, namely development lead and a more clear division of design responsibilities. We took care to define roles by responsibilities teammates own, and not drawing lines about tasks that we will do. This means we will all be performing research tasks and we will all be performing design tasks, but we have one teammate who will act as a lead for these activities. At the end of this meeting, we all took the action to do independent research into service design in the hospitality industry.

We met again on 24-JAN. In this meeting we reviewed our research findings and shared our thoughts on our research. We had found several examples of impressive technologies and a few good references on the hospitality industry. Our team also discussed ideas about research methods, such as photo-ethnography and performing an analysis of online public reviews of competitors. We also discussed how we would review and annotate papers we review. The second half of the meeting the team discussed what we needed to prepare for our kick off meeting with our sponsor and our presentation in class. We divided responsibilities and each took action items to complete to finalize our two slide decks.

We met with our sponsor on 27-JAN, with a team meeting the hour before. We assigned roles for the meeting (facilitator, time keeper, and note taker), and discussed our next tasks and deliverables (which is covered in the next section). Our meeting with our sponsor went very well. We shared our thoughts on the project, and he discussed his. The sponsor had some ideas he had researched, but made it clear that the project was open-ended. He expressed excitement about seeing what we came up with. We got a few important schedule inputs — They hope to open around 15-JUL-2017 and present some of our work, and they are meeting with an operations and marketing consultant mid-Feb. We hope that this consultant will give us broader access to the hospitality industry and allow us to see a range of backend components of the services. The sponsor will also be sending us a variety of materials, including blueprints, regional statistics, some technology he has been researching, legal documents, and a study about tourism in Madeira. He also expressed interest in connecting with outside services for guests.

Next Steps

We are to meet tomorrow to begin working on our research plan and budget as a team. We have a meeting scheduled with our sponsor on Wednesday to do prehearsing and codesign work to better understand their vision and needs. Our goal by the end of next week is to have our research plan, a hunt statement, a draft budget, and the framework of project plan in a project management that we can work from.


The team currently has no roadblocks.

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