Weave Labs Weekly Report


Team Weave is currently transitioning from our research phase to our design phase. Our objectives this week included synthesizing research, debriefing our mid-semester presentation, conducting visioning activities, planning our client meeting, and planning a participatory design workshop.


To kick-off our design sprint, we conducted a Stanford D School Design Thinking session, which helped ease us into the process for visioning our client based design ideas. The next few weeks will involve ideation.

Research synthesis involved analyzing guerilla interviews, fly-on-the-walls, tourism activities, expert interviews, service safaris to create a tourist and hotel guest journey map.

Our research phase narrowed us down to five opportunity spaces:

  1. Navigating the Island Like a Local
  2. Supporting the Needs of Families and Children
  3. Creating Personalized Guest Experiences
  4. Building Business and Appeal with Events and Shared Spaces
  5. Connecting Visitors to Other Visitors

Through our research, we also discovered risk spaces that we wanted to avoid, and determined that our solution should focus on connected services rather than a one-stop digital solution such as a mobile app. We also discussed a participatory design workshop where we could have our research community engage in our design process and give us their travel/guest experience insights.

Next Steps:

Our next steps involve finalizing the journey map, continuing ideation, cleaning up presentation slides to present our findings to our hotel client, and starting the initial brainstorming of our final spring report.


One of our team members is starting her internship in Munich, Germany so we are navigating remotely conducting meetings. This is a challenge because it will be harder to brainstorm together as a team, but we are going to do our best to manage this.

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