Weave Labs | Weekly Report


Team Weave was tasked with presenting four months of research to our research community and capstone partners. Our objectives for the week were to prepare our presentation, final report, plan for the summer, decide on roles and strategy for the fall, and hold a retrospective before departing for three months.


We were able to create a beautiful presentation and were proud of our results. During our presentation, we tried to cover all aspects of our insights, visioning, and the three concepts we wanted to pitch to our client. We received good feedback from the audience and gathered further insights from them to think about during our next phase of honing in on one concept.

After our presentation, we decided to meet for our retrospective. The retrospective was really important for our team. We reviewed our overall goals for the semester, key takeaways and changes we would like to make moving forward. As we closed this chapter of research and ideation, we felt sense of sadness as we had to depart.

Next Steps

As we depart for the summer, we want to be on the same page in terms of our key insights, takeaways, and our plan for the fall. We will be virtually meeting over the summer to touch base about our internships, travel experiences and to connect with our client as the hotel launch is planned for mid-July.


We will all working from different time zones so the biggest challenge will be finding a time for everyone to meet. Other than that, we’re all excited to get hands on design experience in our respective industries to bring back fresh ideas for the fall.

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