Weave Weekly Report

Week 18 | 8 May — 12 May


The penultimate week of our research and visioning phase! This week, our focus has been on figuring out how to communicate our research, synthesis, and ideation, both in writing and as a final presentation for our client.


Final report

We’ve been working on the individual aspects of the final report for the last few weeks, and this week we got to finally put it all together. It’s been a long road from complex insights we gathered to the neat, digestable layouts we’re working on now, and we’re proud of how much we’ve been able to hone our ideas in the process.

Final presentation

Modeled after the final report, our presentation will go everything we’ve done for the last three months (in 15 minutes or less!) Some of the highlights: an affinity diagram time-lapse, process gifs, and, of course, a little bit of Obama to close it out.

Next Steps

Next week, we will deliver our final report and presentation. We will also debrief about the project so far, focusing on what we can learn from the last few months and looking forward to the fall, when we enter the design and prototyping phase of the project.

Some questions we’ll address then:

  • What role will each of us take on in the fall?
  • How frequently should we check in over the summer, both with our client and with each other?
  • What have we learned during this phase of the project that can help us get ready for the next?
Sneak peak of a bit of the final report!