At a lighting photoshoot with Araina, fooling around with some of her wigs — getting on the Woodstock vibe. Photo by Bruce M. Walker

Adventures in Lighting — Feb 2016

With Araina, Bruce, Judi and Louise

My partner, Bruce Walker, loves to try out various lighting styles. This can be fun for me, since I like to get dressed up and try different looks.

So, in February 2016, Bruce said he wanted to do some lighting shots, and we organized a photoshoot at our favorite local studio, Studio by House.

Our friends Araina Nespiak and Judi Willrich are both into photography and wanted to get in on this session. It also happens both ladies are makeup artists and both kindly volunteered to help with my makeup. I decided not to accept their offers since I am not comfortable with other people fiddling around my face …

Bruce had chosen to use lighting techniques from the 1920s and 1940s, leaning heavily toward the style of early Hollywood photog, George Hurrell.

On the left, Araina Nespiak and I. On the right, some tomfoolery with one of Arainas’ crazy wigs. Photos by Bruce M. Walker
1940s film star and 1920s Flapper. Photos by Bruce M. Walker

Araina loves to do lots of post processing on her shots …I love the results.

Flapper, yes sir, one of those. Photos by Araina Nespiak
1940s film goddess. Photos by Araina Nespiak

Judi chose a bit of sepia processing on some of her shots, which gives a very 1930s — 1940s look.

Photos by Judi Willrich
Photo by Judi Willrich


On the left, Araina rushing across the set, camera at the ready. On the right a great double image of Bruce and I. Photos by Judi Willrich

I love the double image of Bruce and I.

Our dog Tessa photobombs the images. Photos by Judi Willrich

Poor Tessa suffered from really bad separation anxiety and when ever possible, if we knew we would be gone for a long time, we would take her along to the studio. In the photos above, Tessa has rushed over from 5 feet away to make sure I am still okay.




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