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How Loverly is Becoming the World’s Biggest Wedding Planner

When Kellee Khalil moved to New York City in 2010, she left behind her four siblings, an established career, and the city where she grew up to “completely hit reset on her life.” After helping her sister Leila Lewis, Founder of Be Inspired PR, plan her wedding she felt strongly that there had to be a better way for couples to architect their dream celebrations. She founded Loverly to make that reality.

Six years later, Loverly is a leading content producer in the wedding space, published their first book The Loverly Wedding Planner, and, this summer, launched the Loverly Virtual Wedding Planner app; Tying everything together to execute their ultimate vision to be “the biggest wedding planner in the world.”

Loverly’s Virtual Wedding Planner

Kellee was one of my first interviews in 2013. She has since become a close friend and role model. In following Loverly, I’ve not only had the opportunity to see how and when a company grows, I’ve been privileged to witness Kellee’s personal evolution as a founder navigating the realities of startup life.

Running a company beats you up in the best way possible. It forces you to face things you wouldn’t normally have to face. When something’s not working the puck always stops with you.

Today’s episode of The Peaks is a true representation of #WeGROW. Kellee walks us through her first year building Loverly, her experiences meeting investors such as Joanne Wilson from WeFestival and Anu Duggal from Female Founders Fund, as well as the critical decision to bring Peggy Fry on as Loverly’s COO and President.

Here’s what you‘ll learn in our conversation:

  • How to connect with and network with early stage investors
  • How to evaluate investor feedback; Use the rule of 3. When you hear three people say something, consider it.
  • Tips to navigate early hiring — You need team members with a high threshold for discomfort — delegating tasks as a solo founder, and learning how to work with different personalities
  • Determining cultural fit at a startup and the 90-day gut check; Individuals’ values outside of work are a strong indication of their long-term potential at your company.
  • How to navigate a startup pivot
  • Micro-tests and determining which KPIs to test and why; “The small things have a big impact.”
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