WeFit is a mobile webapp designed for users to get their daily exercises in. The app features multiple daily challenges that users can choose from. The app also features a pet that users can take care of by completing daily challenges. Completing a daily challenge rewards the user with items that can be used to take care of the pet. 
This app was created in a team of two in a course at UC San Diego within 10 weeks. An early struggle we had was the team size was originally three, but a teammate dropped the course early in the course. Since it was a small team, I contributed to all the work equally from inspiration board, story boarding, heuristics analysis, user testing, to programming.


The inspiration for a daily workout app was that I like to stay fit by going to the gym, playing basketball, and generally being active, so I wanted to help people achieve their fitness goals. Some of the inspiration came from Arnold Schwarzenegger because when people think of fitness and gym, they think of him. Another inspiration was Nike and their motto “Just Do It”. People always put off going to the gym but I try to follow that motto.

Story Boarding

To get a feel of our target users, we created storyboards to picture certain scenarios that users would find themselves. I created this storyboard to which depicts a gym goer with no motivation to workout. He remembers our app which provides challenges for him and his motivation is reignited.

Story Boarding

I created this prototype of the web-app in order to get a feel of what it would look like. The reason it was created on paper and not on a wire-frame program was because I wanted to change the design a lot which paper made it easier to do. I feel like a wire-frame program would restrict my creativity.


Of course no prototype is ever perfect, so we needed the help of Nielsen’s 10 Heuristics. We had users go through our prototypes, playing around with it and going through different pages. They provided valuable feedback that we used to make changes to our design.

Development Plan

Throughout this project, we created and updated a development plan in order to keep us on track and manage tasks.

Competitive Analysis

Looking through the app store I found multiple apps such as “Daily Workouts Free”, “7 Minute Workout”, and “Instant fitness: 600+ exercises, 100+ workouts” that have some of the same purpose our app does which is to provide home workout/exercises to its users. The workouts are quick and easily accessible which is what we are aiming for.

An example of an analysis I conducted:

“Daily Workouts Free” provides a video of the exercise being performed which is a very nice feature while ours provide a .gif of the exercise being performed. The way our app differentiates from the others is the user gains in-app experience in the app after completing the exercise to level up. The user can then gain items from leveling up. Our app is more of a game which provides an incentive through earning items.


Daily workout and Pet screens
Profile and Achievements screens

These are several pages of the web-app i helped program and design. There was a lot of JavaScript involved because each of these screens interact with each other via onclick() methods and others. This part of the project was very difficult and challenging because it was the first time I really had to use JavaScript, but I didnt mind because I learned a lot.

More User Testing and Google Analytics

I had users test our app live while I recorded them on video for their feedback. I created and provided a script for them to go through the app and I had many comments such as “I wish there were more dailies and exercises.

After coding our webapp we used Google Analytics to determine which buttons users were clicking the most. I posted a link of our webapp on Facebook for friends.

Pitch & Presentation

At the end of the course, every team had to create a pitch slide and a poster for a presentation

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