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Every company you know, and especially the ones you like, stands for something:

  • Apple: Simplicity and innovation.
  • Microsoft: Reliability and quality.
  • Amazon: Customer focus and speed.

Their brands are inseparable from their values. Customers are attracted to their products because of what they stand for and how they make them feel. But values are not only important for attracting and solidifying a customer base. Company values are crucial to build a solid company up from the inside. They matter when it comes to building a product, communicating with customers, and finding the best fit for your team from a sea of CVs and applications. This is why we identify more with some brands, and we tend to favor them over others, from sending our CV to choosing to purchase their products.

In this article I want to discuss how important company values are to build a sustainable startup, and how they end up shaping every decision and interaction in the business. So be careful with what you choose!

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Core values at WeGaw

The values at WeGaw, together with our vision and mission, define the identity of the brand and how we aim to impact the world through our product and services. They define our attitude and of the individuals engaging with the brand. Let me briefly introduce you to each of them before we can speak about how they ensure value is created for our startup.

We have 6 core values: “Trust builds ownership”, “The human touch”, “Beware of the Zerling rush”, “The Theory of everything”, “The fellowship destroyed the one ring”, and “We are risk takers”.

Trust builds ownership

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And ownership builds trust.

Engaging with WeGaw implies 100% trust. That is what we give and that is what we expect back. We believe in business there is no other way of building sustainable relationships.

This also translates in how our team members work and engage between them, making sure everybody has an objective and an owned responsibility that is trusted by the rest of the team.

The human touch

Be genuine, be empathic, be human.

At WeGaw individuals are our core asset. All of us are genuine and empathic: we do not need to fake anything nor act differently to whom we truly are in order to be serious or be in business. Being ourselves is being the best version of us.

Beware of the Zerling rush

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Stay Aware, Act fast, or he will catch you

Be a problem solver, not a problem namer. Follow your intuition and take the initiative. Stay away from analysis paralysis, be bold and take risks.

*a Zerling: The cheapest unit in the famous strategy video-game Starcraft. This units are so cheap they can literally be created and attack the player very early in the game. A good Starcraft player would always be alert on these beasts. Yep, you got it right, we love strategy and video-games!

The Theory of Everything

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Keep it simple, stupid but precise.

We strive for solving complex problems in the simplest way possible.

Working hard is cool, but working smart is gorgeous.

*Both WeGaw co-founders (Daniel and myself) come from the research organization (CERN), where it was hard-wired in our brains the desire for finding the theory of everything (together with Stephen Hawking) following their mission to demonstrate the standard model of particle physics, they even have mugs with it. Pretty dope.

The Fellowship of the one ring

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If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far go together

Team up. Detach yourself from ego. Accept criticism. Collaborate at all levels while leading. Remember 2 little hobbits teaming up, destroyed the most powerful creature.

*Every team member at WeGaw acknowledges the true leader in one of the best stories ever told was Samwise Gamgee.

We are risk takers

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Nobody ever changed anything without taking risks.

Dealing with risks is at the core of WeGaw: while always assessing the trade offs and preparing for all possible outcomes, we embrace taking risks in order to grow fast and fight Goliat.

How these values translate in real value for WeGaw

How are these values generating value for our startup? When are these values a game changer? Let’s go through a few examples on when these values are being applied at WeGaw.

Individual decision-making: All of WeGaw’s team members encounter situations in which decisions have to be taken in order to advance. Usually, in more rigid organizations, this would require a meeting or review with a manager in order to unlock a specific situation. However, based on our core values, you have the tools to make that decision on your end: based on the speed we prime and the risk we are willing to take, you can infer yourself the pathway without supervision. Most decisions in our business strategy, tech analysis, R&D or development activities can be self-guided by this.

Talent Acquisition: When interviewing new team members, all behavioral-culture questions are going to be driven by the values at WeGaw, and it is extremely important new hires are chosen based on them, even more than technical capabilities. This is the foundation of an extremely cohesive team If you ever come to WeGaw for an interview, you will encounter questions like: “What was a really thoughtful gift you made or bought for someone?” or “Is it always better to seek permission or ask for forgiveness? Why?” or even “Tell me the best joke you can”

Management style: At WeGaw we pursue human-centric approach to management and people interactions. Cascading down from our values, we always pursue personal growth for our team members, through helping them onboarding the necessary responsibilities to deliver: speed, well-balanced risk taking and ambition. We do not seek short term gain, but well-balanced long sustainability through empowering our team members.

Business Strategy: WeGaw strategy is conducted based on our market indicators, our team skills-set and impact potential. We constantly communicate the strategy, and we impulse inputs from all the different parts of the company that will help into rapid decision-making. Understanding the value of team-work helps everybody focus towards the unique goal being pursued and the importance of making sure we are on track.

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All interactions, decisions and actions are driven by these core values. They represent what WeGaw is all about and our work culture. They permeate everywhere: from building our products to writing on our blog to conducting a sales pitch.

We truly believe these values help us thrive and team-up delivering the best of ourselves in the marketplace.



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