WeGotcha Receives $120,000 Grant From IBM To Decentralize The Sharing Economy

We’re more than pleased to announce our special partnership with IBM that will grant our excellent engineers $120,000 to access and deploy IBM’s cutting-edge technologies in the fields of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, IBM Blockchain Platform, and Cloud Computing.

“The entire team is looking forward to working with IBM! Their world-class technologies and computing power create major opportunities for us to scale and bring disruptive innovation in the sharing economy as it stands today. Being semi-decentralized in the short term will provide us with enough data to model and continuously improve our protocols until blockchain-based computing solutions are ready to take off.”
Mayank Chhabra, CEO & Founder, WeGotcha

Our exciting plan to utilize IBM’s computing power in the coming weeks and months

Starting off with the Watson services, we’ll be deploying machine learning models for prediction & prevention analysis via a thin “Insights” layer that sits between the Gotcha protocols and the WeGotcha blockchain.

The new “Insights” layer will sit right between the Gotcha Protocols and the underlying WeGotcha Blockchain

For instance, one use-case of prediction analysis is price prediction between two geographical coordinates by taking various data sets, such as market and social data, inflation, local economic conditions, historical pricing, etc which will then be trained using AI supervised learning on the IBM Watson Machine Learning.

Other prediction analysis use-cases include deployment of facial recognition technology, bringing more robustness and security to the GotchaID protocol (WeGotcha’s Identity Protocol), predicting outcomes of Category-3 (relatively minor) disputes in the GotchaInsure (WeGotcha’s Insurance & Arbitration Protocol), before escalating the disputes to human arbiters, exponentially reducing both time and cost.

Use cases of prevention analysis include fraud-detection in P2P marketplaces via GotchaInsure protocol, and detection of anomalies in certain P2P marketplaces where stakes are extremely high, such as ride-sharing (abnormal route changing, etc).

And of course, we’ll be utilizing the bare metal servers to deploy our testnet, as well as our own block producer once the mainnet is live in 2019!

“2019 is off to a fantastic start! This partnership with IBM will help WeGotcha to accelerate its growth and development to truly change the way sharing-economy functions.”
Ashok Sajwan, VP Growth, WeGotcha

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About WeGotcha

WeGotcha is decentralizing the sharing economy marketplaces as they exist today. By developing open-source protocols on Blockchain technology for identity, payment, reputation management, and arbitration, we’re laying the fairground for any entrepreneur to start their own sharing economy business anywhere in the world, such as ride-sharing, home-rentals, gadget-rentals, skill-sharing, etc using our easy-to-use JavaScript SDK.

Using Blockchain as the base technological infrastructure enables complete removal of central intermediaries, thereby eliminating huge platform commissions and transaction fees, corrupt business practices, data exploitation, privacy breaches, lack of trust, while bringing interoperability between different marketplaces, such as the use of a universal ID and reputation scores across DApps.

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