Firebase Dev Summit 2017 🔥

Today I visited the Firebase Dev Summit in Amsterdam 🇳🇱

This summit showcased the latest product releases and features. We learned how Firebase helps to solve key infrastructure & growth challenges that the industry faces.

Huh, Firebase Dev Summit?

The Firebase Dev Summit is an annual event held by Google. Every year a country is selected to host the summit and the event is mostly based around Firebase.

Since Firebase isn’t just a real-time database anymore but a platform that helps developers build, analyze and grow there is a lot of awesome knowledge that could be shared.

What’s new in Firebase?

Basically, Google integrated Crashlytics into Firebase, enabled first-class A/B support and take their first step in bringing the power of Machine Learning 🤖 into Firebase with a new product called Predictions.

Predictions automatically create dynamic user groups based on predicted behaviour from your analytics, you can use these predictions i.e. to send users who are about to churn in the next 7 days a customised notification

They are also working hard to prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) across Firebase and they are committed to helping us (developers) succeed under it.

Talks, talks, talks!

I’ve tried to attend the talks that were most aligned with my day to day job as a front-end web developer. And to sum it up, the most exciting feature for me is…Cloud Firestore! 🎉

A fully-managed NoSQL document database for mobile and web app development. It operates using documents and collections as a data model.

It allows for expressive queries. Queries scale with the size of your result set, not the size of your data set.

So you’ll get the same performance fetching 1 result from a set of 100, or 100,000,000

Firestore syncs data between devices, enables offline data access through an on-device database and they provide SDK’s for Node, Python, Go, and Java.

I had an amazing day!

Did meet some new people, a couple I already knew, and some I used to work with in the past.

The food was delicious, the venue was perfect and it had all the features I think a conference needs to be able to offer their attendees.

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