A Body of Work

Every so often I think about the formative years of my career and the early influences — bodies of work. I’m tempted now and again, to put together a site that encapsulates everything I’ve ever done. Generating an archive of work would be a refreshing and honest look at progression over time.

One of my earliest influences and favorite designers was Arnaud Mercier, who founded Area17. Mercier passed away in 2011. Area17 put together a retrospective website, that showcases his astounding body of work. Go back to 2003 and look at his work for Patagonia for example:

It’s astonishing how good that work still looks — the sign of a true craftsperson. Look at how much more varied digital work was back then, influenced by print still.

We’ve moved into a new vernacular in digital design. One that isn’t just about visual aesthetic. I’m excited to see how interactive design has started to deliver on its namesake title.