Twitter Core

Quick thoughts on the new

Twitter recently released a new version of I applauded its redesign, and found it to be a breath of fresh air. There are obvious reasons upon first impression. It’s cleaner, the focus is on the feed and tweets, and it is comfortable in a mobile-first world. Also: it is fast.

New circa May 2016.

I get that it doesn’t do what the full web version does — no Moments, no lists, no analytics, etc. What the mobile version does great is focus on the main thing that Twitter is: show and enable you to participate in Tweets, its gold. Easy wins too like the larger type makes reading easier. The hierarchy is clear. Which, for these aging eyes, makes it a grand winner in my book.

The full desktop experience of Twitter circa May 2016, for comparison. Everything seems to compete for your attention. Some typographical hierarchy would help greatly.

Again: it is an admission that the most important thing one should do on Twitter is to read and post Tweets. And that’s refreshing. Should we be surprised?