If you had a cryptid, ghost, or UFO encounter around Illinois, let us know

Recently, I created a Google form that you can fill out anonymously if you had any encounters with paranormal activity or cryptids (like bigfoot or dogman) in or around Illinois. If you fill it out, it’ll be very helpful, as I’m always looking for new places to investigate.

A few months ago, my family and I created a YouTube channel called “Weird Around Illinois”. On that channel, we post about our searches for paranormal activity and cryptids.

If you fill out this form, we might share your experience/encounter on our YouTube channel!



We are a family that searches for paranormal activity, like dogman, bigfoot, ghosts, and more. Make sure to watch us on YouTube!

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I like to share my self-improvement experience. I also like looking for paranormal activity (Weird Around Illinois on YouTube)🙂 sc1560@outlook.com